What people are saying about Red Raider Country

I love living in Red Raider Country because of the community pride. Being a graduate of Pulaski High School, I think it’s great that I still live in my hometown and that my children and grandchildren are Red Raiders, too. I am proud that many Red Raiders stay in our community and that we are hometown, home-grown people. – Janet Maroszek, Assumption BVM pastoral assistant and life-long Town of Hofa Park resident

I love the friendliness of the people in Red Raider Country. It is so very welcoming, and it is a safe community. You can’t get much better than that. – Laurie Fischer, Pulaski News secretary and life-long community member

I love the opportunity to be creative and the community feeling I get from all of the staff members and students in the Pulaski Community School District. – Caitlin Mattiesen, Pulaski Community School District employee

I love the small town feel where everybody feels like family. I also enjoy that I can build relationships with my customers where we care about each beyond the business. – Ruth Uelmen, hair stylist at Marnocha Barbers & Stylists and life-long Village of Pulaski resident

Regardless of the boundaries, there is a sense of community that runs throughout Red Raider Country. Because it is so wide-spread, you are connected to all of these people who live in Oconto County, Brown County, and Shawano County. The school district helps to connect the students, parents, teachers, and community. – Marty Krause, Village of Hobart resident

I love the family sense of community and the giving environment where all involved can grow within Red Raider Country. – Jenny Olson, Town of Chase resident

Having spent my whole adult like in Pulaski, my greatest appreciation has to be the small town lifestyle. Most people are concerned about the welfare of their neighbors and friends. It’s a very giving community, and people are always very concerned about others. – Larry Smith, Owner of Pulaski Auto Parts and Village of Pulaski resident